Superheroines 4

We dispensed with the special effects and unitards and concentrated instead on good bondage and sexy, more revealing costumes. In response to customer requests, we have also included several chloroform scenes. Allison and Tory in sexy, shiny outfits with boots are chloroformed seperately and end up bound and gagged side by side. There’s plenty of struggling and attempts to talk. Allison frees her feet, removes her boots and uses stocking feet to remove Tory’s gag. They free themselves and run away but are caught and chloroformed--both at the same time! They end up in a garage, their hands tied to an overhead beam. The building is burning down and they frantically try to escape. “Girl next door” type Cassie is captured in her tan sheer body-stocking and shiny spandex hot pants and top. Hogtied, she’s cloth gagged on camera. Then, she’s tied to a swiveling chair and gagged with tape. She struggles helplessly. Delectable Tara makes a cute heroine in red sheer bodystocking and red/white/blue costume. She’s chloroformed and wakes up kneeling on a chair, tightly bound and gagged. The bad guy pulls down her top and leaves her there. Then, Tara, in purple unitard and boots, is bound and gagged with duct tape. The shiny costume accentuates her beautiful curves. Tory, in black unitard and thigh high boots is tied to a reclining chair and tape-gagged by villain Allison, who wears black latex. Allison torments her helpless captive, teasing her, fondling her and finally straddling her sensuously. In the exciting final story, Allison in skirt, blouse, hose, heels is chloroformed by villain Tory. Awakening, she removes her shoes and hops around. She frees herself and transforms into her superheroine identity. She’s captured again and Tory uses a “fear ray” on her. Allison ends up bound and tape gagged in a car trunk! Taken to Tory’s hideout, Allison is bound with her hands above her head and gagged with packing and cloth. Tory pulls down the front of Allison’s costume, revealing her breasts. Allison is fondled, teased and finally shot with an “orgasm ray” which fills her body with sexual excitement. Tory leaves Allison writhing in orgasmic ecstacy! This scene is HOT!

86 minutes. #S228 $48.00

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