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This is the fourth of this series is called "DSH-04 HARROWING HEROINE TALES" (DSH 05).

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Stacy Burke, Amber Michaels, Talia Monet, Gloria Reyes, Tory Sinclair & Sabrina Belladonna
Featuring a bonus scene of Tanya Danielle

Amber Michaels is a high powered record executive with a very dangerous enemy.  Goddess Thunder wants to be a rock star but Amber won't help her out, so the Goddess is gonna get revenge!  The cruel vixen kidnaps Amber's assistant Talia, hoping to draw Amber into her clutches as well but Goddess T doesn't know that Amber is also superheroine American Angel!  Unfortunately, American Angel is just as susceptible to chloroform as us normal folks so Goddess Thunder quickly manages to render her unconscious and tie her up in her music studio lair.  Now the Goddess has two captives to tie, torment and force to orgasm!  Will they ever escape?  Story two features Stacy Burke, returning as Electra Girl!  We find that Stacy (as Joy Wright, assistant to the mayor and Electra Girl's alter-ego) has been given the unpleasant task of telling mayoral office worker Gloria that she's been passed over for yet another promotion.  Gloria takes the news hard and turns to hypnotic seductress Domino (deliciously devious Tory Sinclair) for help in destroying the mayor and his whole staff!  This city government has Electra Girl on its side, though, so we know good will eventually win out over'all or will it?  Includes two chloroformings, four hypno-knockouts and three vibrator orgasms plus a special bonus scene of buxom Tanya Danielle, strapped up in sexy spandex and slowly encased in a full spandex bodybag! 

75 minutes.  ORDER #DSH-05
$60 standard NTSC-VHS, $65 European PAL-VHS
Also Available in DVD!  Order #DVD-DSH-05  $60

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Remember to put a statement of your age and the price is $60 VHS, $65 PAL and Also Available in DVD!  Order #DVD-DSH-05  $60


Thanks again to Darla Crane for the use of the pictures and text.

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