Kelsie Chambers as the

Scarlet Avenger

I had the pleasure of talking to Kelsie during a trip to Los Angeles back in 1999 and agreed to meet and do a photo session during my next trip to LA. So during my January, 2000 trip to LA for the CES and IA2000 convention we managed to meet up for a quick photo session.

Just in case you don't know who Kelsie is here are some Harmony Concepts pictures of her playing Spellbinder in one of their recent videos.

You can get the full size pictures by clicking on any of the image on this page.

Kelsie as the Scarlet Avenger

Drawings by the

Now on to SHIB Productions pictures of Kelsie as the Scarlet Avenger.

Kelsie ready for action.

Kelsie tied up in a chair

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