Ms Americana vs The Cat Burglar

Ms Americana: The Cat Burglar      Photography by KY      Starring Greta & Sharon      Text by Mr-X
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"WHAT! This can't BE! How did you know??…", the cat burglar stammers.

"Silly villain, don't you know good always triumphs over evil." Ms. Americana replies in her usual, superior tone.

"HA!, We'll see about that BLONDIE!" Before Ms. Americana can act, the cat burglar lunges at her pretty throat, catching her off guard and choking some of the air from her lungs
"UUGH!! You wicked MINX! What do you think you are DOING!" the heroine cries half shocked at the woman's desperate act. "Taking you down to size you jumbo-breasted BIMBO!" the cat burglar replied, redoubling her efforts.

The two sexy spitfires fight like cats.


They struggle…

They roll and wrestle… its an erotic display that would pack a football stadium at a hundred a head…

…Ms. Americana makes her move!

With a burst of super strength she drains her reserves and forces the cat burglar to the bed for a final pin.

…sadly, the luscious heroine is too weak from the minx's initial strangle hold. Gasping for air, the heroine fades as the burglar gains the advantage…


"SO! Is this all you have Ms. Ameri-SLUT!" the cat burglar taunts.


"OH! You.. YOU!! Just wait till I catch my breath.. then its off to jail for you!" Ms. Americana replies, too winded to come up with a witty response.

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