Ms Americana vs The Cat Burglar

Ms Americana: The Cat Burglar      Photography by KY      Starring Greta & Sharon      Text by Mr-X
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"I don't think so sweetie!" the cat burglar laughed. "I was saving this chloroform for that stuck up, busy body Ms. Wade if she ever interrupted me but, it will be far more satisfying to use this on you!"…


Ms. Americana screams in defiance but the sickly sweet cloth is clamped down hard over her gasping mouth.

"From what I've read about you, you're not immune to anesthetics so nightie-night you melon chested moron! HAHAHAHA!"

The heroine struggles like a captured hellcat….


"NNGH! The chloroform!.. she put too much in the cloth! Its too strong! Got to fight it…"

…Each breath draws in more and more of the consciousness sapping fumes…



…Ms. Americana's head begins to swim… the room begins to spin… her violent gyrations begin to slow to…

"Dizzy… getting so dizzy…"



"My!… you are a spitfire aren't you?…"

"… but my super strong chloroform will soon extinguish your flame…"

"NO! I can't let her… the fumes.. I'm… I'm fading.." Ms. Americana thinks in horror.

"… that's it… just breathe it in… let it drain away your will…"

The cat burglar, feeling the buxom blonde writhing below her begins to rub her hips over the heroine's gyrating body, growing more turned on as she can feel each ounce of strength drain from her victim.


"MMmmm.. yes… you feel so good my dear.. just sleep." Ms. Americana's eye lids flutter as she falls to the cloth.

The cat burglar watches Ms. Americana's slowly closing eyes in erotic sexual ecstasy as the heroine fades down in defeat. With one last erotic moan, the heroine surges then collapses unconscious…


…the great Ms. Americana is chloroformed.

"My, you are a big girl, aren't you?" the cat burglar taunts running her hands over the heroine's bare skin.

"I have some delicious plans for you but first I need to make sure you don't resist…"

The cat burglar takes demented pleasure in binding our lovely heroine. As she works, the villainess reapplies the chloroform cloth now and again to keep Ms. Americana under.

"Tssk… tsssk… A kitty's work is never done." The minx laughs.

"There, enough rope to secure even you… and that hefty dose of chloroform should keep you nice and weak.."

"Not so smug now… are WE Ms. Ameri-BIMBO!"

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